Monday, February 27, 2006


I was copying notes for El Fili in the net...
I always skipped the intro of the site...
But I didn't today.
I saw the short presentation.
I think it fits the situation of our country right now.


To the Filipino Youth:
Listen to our National Hero.
Listen to Jose Rizal!

"I die without seeing the sun rise on my country. You who are to see the dawn, welcome it, and do not forget those who fell during the night."
-from his book, "Noli Me Tangere"


The youth is T.I.R.E.D :
Through with
Rallying and
If you feel the same way,
feel free to post this on your ym status/blog
and let other people know that you feel the same way!

Sunday, February 26, 2006


No Kim.
I'm not referring to you mehn.
Alabshuu MAMA BEAR!!!

I've been witness to a lot of liplock action lately...
Some of them make me swoon...
But others,
I wanna puke all over the people involved!!!
As in EEWEEE!!!

First kissing scene:
My crush and my dear friend.
Ouch mehn!
And my friend knows I really like him.
Now they're together...
And once again...
I'm the friggin' third wheel!

Second kissing scene:
2 newlyweds.
But still cute...
I love weddings...
But I'm not in a hurry to be the bride :D

Third kissing scene:
2 guys.
My EYES!!!
Madonna and Britney were fine...
But them?!?!?!
They don't even look sober!
It was as if they were wasted gay couples...
Who just finished an orgy...

Fourth kissing scene:
My other crush and my other friend.
Now here you can call me stupid.
My guy friend asked me to be his bridge to my girl friend.
I accepted.
It was my only chance of being close to him.
Now they've been together for 2 months.
My friend was having a really bad day.
She was ranting to his boyfriend (my secret crush)
And he suddenly kissed her to make her stop.

Fifth kissing scene:
After seeing those kisses in one day...
I went home...
turned on the tv and watched JaCK...
WWE RAW was on...
I saw John Cena in the locker room...
He was going to have a mixed tagteam with Maria against Lita and Edge.
Maria entered.
She was nervous for the match and kept talking.
John told her to relax.
She didn't.
She kept on talking...
So John Cena kissed her.
For that moment...
I wanted to be that dumb blonde...

Final thought:
What's up with all the kissing?
Maybe I should try it...

John Cena.

By the way.
To all those who went to the RAW LIVE TOUR,
Please send me pics!!!
I beg of you!!!
Much loved...

Friday, February 24, 2006


20 years!

20 years and this is what happens?!?!?!
Is this what we let happen to our country?
Will we leave it to rallyists and a paranoid president?
Will the Philippines be left like this?

Do these people even know what they are rallying for?
Most of them don't even know why they ar under the sun and shouting
"Gloria Resign!"

And GMA...
What were you thinking?!?!?!
EDSA is a celebration...
You need not proclaim a state of national emergency...
There was no active rebellion...
And Marcos didn't even hose the people down!!!

A wise Physics techer told me once:
"You are only scared when you have done something wrong..."
Everyone knows you won't go down the presidency.
So don't provoke people to force you!

Next thing we know,
We'll have martial law.
What will happen to our graduation?!?!?!
I know that at least some of those rallyists have children.
Maybe some of their children will be graduating...
I know this sounds shallow...
But these graduating students ARE the next generation.
I believe that we deserve a decent graduation.

What good will martial law be?!?!?!
It will be just more time of suffering and pain...
No one needs more suffering and pain.

May I ask all those marching in the streets of Luzon:
IF GMA DOES step down,
Who would REPLACE her?
Noli de Castro?!?!?!
My suggestion:
Take out GMA
When you have someone that CAN handle the Philippines.

I would like to quote the status of my classmate,
Regina de Vera:
"Could we still call EDSA a revolution? We're back where we've started. Where is the revolution in that? Fighting is not enough, something has to happen. Think about that, my young, idealistic, smart and good-looking online friends."

Before I go,
I wasn't able to get updates from WWE RAW LIVE TOUR
because of that rally!!!


Regina de Vera sent this to Pamayanan.
I think it's for our Prosec...

I think this is a good read...
So read it!

Print it out...

Share it to your friends...

Share it to the World.

I, ______________, choose to live a life of adventure, excitement, service, joy, spontaneity and love.
I choose to love.
And as I love I live.
As I live I give.
As I give I serve.
As I serve I step closer to the reality of my dreams.
I will dream.
I will dream big and amazing and spectacular and awesome dreams.
I will live my dreams and not compromise for the sake of security or safety or comfort.
I will jump-out of my comfort zone and embrace change.
Change, whom I fear.
Change, whom I dread.
I will seek to live beyond what I can, believing that the God whom I trust is much, much bigger and greater than any obstacle I may face.
I will face my fear.
I will stop running away from it and turn around.
And when I am face-to-face and eye-to-eye with it
I will grab the bull by its ballsand make it scream surrender.
I surrender.
I surrender to my great Destiny,
knowing deep in my heart I am destined for excellence,
I am destined for greatness.
Not mediocrity,
not conformity.
Not in arrogance but with the mantle of humility placed upon me.
Because this is not about me.
This is about humanity.
I will persevere for the sake of humanity,
who need men inflamed by passion
that will ignite the hearts of the timid and fearful souls
to push on and soar higher.
And I will do all this not ten years from now when I am free.
Not five years from now when I have the money.
Not one year from now when I am ready.
Not one month from now when all is steady.
Not one week from now when I know how.
Not even tomorrow because tomorrow is far from now.
I will live my dreams now and I will act now.


Thursday, February 23, 2006


Ever had that eternal sadness stay in your soul?
It's as if you would never be happyu again...
Like the whole world has conspired to ruin your life...
This is worse than depression...

Why me?
I know I haven't been a saint lately...
BUt is this Inferno?
I don't blame others for what is happening...
I do blame myself...
After all...
It is my fault.

It seems like the universe is mocking me...
She shows how my life could be...
If I didn't have these demons in my life...
She shows the happiness of others...
While I lay here in despair...
Longing to succeed...
Or just to die.

I'm tired.
I don't know if my patience has run out...
Or I just lost the drive to live.
Maybe both.
It's too near the end to give up...
And yet I have half the heart to stop and do give in...
But the other half...
Wants me to go on...
I know I'll experience more pain,
More tears,
More hurt.
But in the end...
I will be rewarded.

I think of that reward.
I ask myself:
Do I really want it?
Of course I do...
But I don't think I'm worth it...
You make me think I'm not worth it...
You make me think I'm nothing...

How could you?
Of all people...
Why you?

No matter...
I will always love you...
No matter what.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006



I'm really happy for you guys!
You two are so in love that everyone else feels it!
Especially me!
I'm really happy for you two...

Take care of Kim...
I know you won't let anything happen to her...
She was your dream.

My Cupid and Psyche shower you with love and devotion until the end of days!

Friday, February 03, 2006


I thank you God for the many blessings we received from you yesterday.
You have shown us that you truly are with us.
You gave us the strength when we thought we would give up.
We know things had gone wrong,
But you still gave what we truly deserved!
Thank you dear Lord!

Fisrt time...

It's my first time to blog in Filipino here.
I found the lyrics so real for me.
I hope you know who you are.
I still can't get over you.
Mahal kita pero hindi mo lang alam
Hindi mo alam kasi hindi mo naman ako tinitignan
Ayaw mo naman itanong sa akin
Kasi baka nga naman hindi naman ikaw
At hindi ko rin naman sa'yo sasabihin
Kasi ayoko pa sa ngayon na manligaw
Mahal kita pero hindi nga lang halata
Hindi halata kasi wala naman akong ginagawa
Hindi ako kumikibo, hindi ako nagsasalita, wala!
Pero hindi ako torpe
Hindi ko lang talaga masabi sa'yo ng harapan
Mahal kita pero dehins mo pa rin ramdam
Hindi mo ko titignan, hindi rin kita titignan
Lagi mo lang akong pakikiramdaman
Lagi rin kitang pakikiramdaman
At araw-araw tayong magdededmahan
Hanggang sa tayo ay magkabistuhan
Pero ngayong malapit nang matapos ang kanta ko
Nais kong magkaalaman na
Nais kong ako na rin ang magsabi sayo ng harapan
Kasi alam kong dun din naman ang tuloy nyan
At dalawa rin lang naman ang posibleng sagot dyan, oo o hinde
Kaya eto na sasabihin ko na para matapos na
At hindi na magka-tsismisan pa
Sasabihin ko na para wala nang problema
At para hindi na rin kayong lahat nabibitin pa
Mahal kita pero 'di mo lang alam!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


It is hard to pretend.
Though we laugh about it when noone else is around,
It is still a burden in my heart.
It happened before.
i don't want it to happen again.
Though it is all pretend,
The hurt is real.
I was so affected.
Was she affected too?
I think she is...
But they all thought I was the bad guy.
They all believe it.
I don't want another controversy.
Thank goodness we ended it today.
I don't think I can last another day pretending.
We ended the charade.
We stopped pretending.
And we went back to the way we were.
Thank goodness it's all over!
But I can't help the feeling that there is this little awkwardness.
Maybe it's just paranoia.
She's just that great of an actress...

Luv Yah Madir!!!

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