Thursday, July 17, 2008


No, I didn't out.

I already am.



I had a lot of fun today!

Though I wouldn't recommend what I did to any self-respecting, diligent students anywhere.

Damn if my teachers from my alma mater knew what I did..

They'd probably take back my diploma and burn it to ashes.


So this is what happened.

Corporate Thrusday for ManSoc juniors and seniors.

I hate wearing slacks coz my fat ass pops out like a jack in the box.

So I wore a wrap dress...

Bad choice coz I had eveyone staring at the twins even though i still had them covered.

I guess it'll never change.


Paupau, Joyce, Jude and moi met up at the silay bar for brunch.

Turns out Joyciebabe didn't go to her first class.

You know those days when you just don't want to go to school?

Well this was one of 'em.

Bad thing is I had 2 quizzes and 2 project deadlines.

I knew I had to fight the temptation.. and I was goo at it...

When Joyce said: "Di ako papasok. Nood tayo movie sa Ba2gz.."

Damn that gurl!


So I gave my projects to my professors early,

Told them that I had an emergency.

And I hoped for the best that my Mandarin and Philippine Lit profs will give me a make-up exam.

Pau was hesitant at first coz she wasn't feeling well,

But we went anyway.

Uhm... BTW, Ba2gz is a chill out plays in Mendiola square where you can watch movies, hangout... blahblah.

So there.

2 corporate gals with a sick Paula.

Had a lot of fun watching Wicker Park and The Hottie and The Nottie.

Had fun flirty with kuya Ba2gz as well.


You see, in between movies, Joyce and I had to pee.

On the way to the cr, I saw kuya watching a movie in the room beside the cr..

Joyce and I were already joking about you-know-what with him...

So we were teasing him again, opening and closing the door.

When Joyce was in the cr, kuya told me to come in, even helped me inside.

Woohoo. with holding hands pa.

I was wearing a dress, kinda hard to conceal things, kinda hard to sit.


But I sat anyway, but with another bean bag between us.

When I heard Joyce looking for me, I sat beside kuya and we were laughing our asses off coz we knew Joyce would be thinking wtf????

So there..

It was fun to be bad for a while.


Then we went to gateway to look at mugs, jugs, clothes and shoes.

Damn I was effing tempted to buy a whole lot from Celine!

Good thing Joyce and Pau were there coz if I was alone I wouldv'e gone home with plenty of paperbags at hand.

I stayed at Joyce's condo and got picked up by my cousin Kuya Mike,

Then went home.

Wasn't that a productive day?


To those seniors in my alma mater who will read this,


I know I tld you in my talk to NOT do it...

It's not good. I'm telling you.

I just needed a break.


On another note:

I thought I was doing okay with what I have now.

turns out I've been missing out a lot.

Been looking at people's multiply accounts...

Realized I missed THREE things already.

Oh well.

I guess I better step it up if I want to stay in this thing.

Question is...

How the fuck did I not know about the two other thingies?

I should've met crushie by that time if I knew about it and I went.


Better luck next time, I guess.

Basta I promise not to let anything else pass me by like that.

I promised myself to live the most out of my life.

And damn straight I will!

I've been under a rock the first half of my youth,

So I have to make the most out of the youth I have left.


Long post huh?

I missed blogging.

If you've been reading my blog since it was in blogspot,

You'd know how much I love doing it.

Well now,

I promise to blog and update my pics religiously.





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