Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I got it from someone sa friendster...

Naaliw lang akong sagutan.

About Me:

1. Real name - Joan Macrise C. Corrado
2. Birthday - June 14, 1989
3. Status - in love with life!
4. Zodiac Sign - Gemini
5. Religion - Roman Catholic
6. Elementary - School of the Holy Spirit of Quezon City
8. High school - School of the Holy Spirit of Quezon City
9. College - San Beda College
10. Hair color - Black
11. Eye color- Black
13. Course- International Business and Entrepreneurial Management
14. Race- Asian, Pacific Islander
15. Are you a Health Freak - No.
16. Body type - obese.
17. Height- 5'4"
18. Skin Complexion- Morena
19. Piercings - ears
20. Tattoos - none
21. Righty or Lefty - Righty
22. First Surgery - None yet.
23. Favourite Movie - The Godfather Trilogy
24. First Best Friend - Mama Bear
25. First award- First Honorable Mention in Nursery
26. Favourite Sport- Karate
27. Favourite Player - Therese Suva
28. First Pet - dog
29. Favourite Magazine- Curve, Cosmopolitan
30. Favourite Color - orange
31. Favourite Subject- Theology and ARTAP
32. Favoutite Artists/Band -Eminem
33. Favourite Song- Exceptional
34. Favourite Food- Pasta ni mama
35. Favourite Hangout- sa kanto, bahay
36. Favourite Shows- WWE, The Simpsons, The L Word
37. Favourite Candy- Fruitella
38. Favourite Game- Zuma, Text Twist, Counter Strike
39. Obsession- beauty in all kinds of places
40. Favourite Shoes- CMG, Celine and Converse Chucks
41. Shoe Size- 7-9, depending on what kind of shoe
43. Favourite NBA Team- Sacramento Kings- just because I win every time I use them in NBA Live
44. Favourite Reality Show- American Idol
45. Favourite Artist- Al Pacino
46. Favourite Actress- myself. haha.
47. Favourite Chocolate- Choco Mucho and Dark Chocolate
48. Favourite Book- Harry Potter. Oh yes.
49. Brand of Clothes- clothes from 168 and those that I have made.
50. Favourite Superhero- photoshop saves my ass every time. haha.


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