Saturday, December 30, 2006


Happy Holidays!
I got a rest from blogging...
I missed it so much!
I wanted to blog when break started,
But my mom didn't allow me...
And net was slower than usual...
So there.


Now I forgot what I was going to talk about...


I got it.

Updates first.
My contest: still running!
It ends on January 31!
So join!
I'm giving away SWEET STUFF!

My story: December 31 or January 31...


I have SAD.
It'a a seasonal depression that some people get during the cold months...
Meaning Christmas.

I 've had it since forever,
But this year was the worst on record.
It was like Christmas was non-existent.
Thanks to all those who greeted me..
You somehow lifted my spirits...
Sorry I wasn't able to reply though,
I didn't have any load.

Christmas is definitely colder when you got noone in your arms.

Noukschlab mode for the nth time!

But seriously.
I have been the "FRIEND" for the longest time.
I want to be the the "GIRLFRIEND"for once.
I've waited for so long...
What's wrong with waiting longer?
I'm fooling myself.


Brush away the negative energy....
Time for a recap.
This year has been a fruitful one for me.
I graduated High school,
I got into college,
I survived the first sem,
Started my 2nd sem,
Gained treasures... my dear friends,
And had a stronger bond with my dear friends from high school.
I also had a lot of difficulties in life this year...
Financial problems,
Family feuds,
Quarells among friends,
Losing friends,
Losing lovers,
Loving and getting my heart broken,
Loving and getting my heart broken,
Loving and getting my heart broken,
did I say loving and getting my heart broken?
Haha. guess I had a lot of that this year.

For everything that happened,

I thank the Lord God Almighty for everything.
I thank Him for the blessings for it has made my life worthwhile.
I thank Him for my problems for they made me stronger.

I thank my family for being my rock.
My brothers who are soooo mischievous but always make me laugh...
My dad who is always there to be the firm hand to keep me up...
My mom who allows me to cry when I can't hold on any longer...
My cousin who gave me a night life... XD

I thank STCJC for being my Saturday mates...
You guys have no idea how much you mean to me!

I thank Mars...
Woah gurl, I love you soooo much!
You're the little sister I never had...
You've help me become a better person through the years.

I thank FAC!
I would never trade you for any other section!
I miss you all!
You made my first sem soooo colorful and fruitful...

I thank the ELITE GIRLS!!!
Paupau, Stefi, ADonna!
It's a good day, eh?
I love you guys...
You're with me at my prettiest and ugliest in college.
I know we'll stick with each other until 4th year!
We will get through this!

I thank Alvin...
For everything.
You're a good friend.

I thank Kazu.
You are my bro...
Stay the same...
Stay pogi!
Don't be too cute...
It's hard to fend of the other gurls swooning over you...

I thank Karl...
You really make me smile...
Everytime you call me Joyce.
That's a laugh.
Be a good boy now huh?

I thank Chicoi!
I love you!
Best bud!
Slow down on the gurl hunt...
You'll never know...
The gal who loves you for who you are is just around... *ehem ehem*

I thank DAC.
New classmates...
New friends..
Let's stick through this huh?

I thank Gise...
Thanks for sticking up with me on my shitty days.
You put art in my life.
You showed me that there is always art...
Even in the shittiest times.
Miss you Gise...

I thank Tricco...
Thanks for being the Jesus freak that you are.
You remind me that He is always there...
No matter how things go.

And definitely NOT the least...

I thank SaGaD.
My life has been a roller coaster...
And you have been my seatbelt.
I love you guys.

Take care huh?
Don't rush into things...
Stay cool ayt?

No words can express my love for you...
You help me become one badass gurl.
You give sense to my gibberish.
You PHAT ma.
I love you!

So there..

... From the Camus-Corrado Family...


At 12:11 PM, December 30, 2006, Blogger Kim said...

Aww! Mackabeee!!

I love you to bits and hug you to pieces!

you are my baby!

my one and only baby!

I wuv you!!

Im always here for you through thick and thin! Kahit hindi tayo kasya sa thin!:P

hug a bug bear! mwah!

At 4:38 PM, December 30, 2006, Blogger xathanael said...


Alam niyo kaya hindi kayo kasya sa thin kasi


Mga wala sa kalingkingan ninyo mga andun. Mga chuwariwap lang mga yon.

I love you Mac. Yeap. Not rushing into things. Nag-aminan lang. :D


Merry Christmas and Have a Rockin New Year ayt?

Magkano na daw ulit yung Hugo Boss?

At 8:09 PM, January 01, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

art huh? not entirely sure how i did that.xp

whatever you meant,i'll still stick around.

someone said, never think that God's delays are God's denials.

you're worth more than what you give yourself credit.

anyway, take care okay? you're very important to me and everyone here.

happy new year!

let's talk soon. i have a plan, and you're part of it.xp

At 8:11 PM, January 01, 2007, Anonymous gise said...

forgot to place my name. but you know it's me.xp

At 10:07 PM, January 02, 2007, Blogger Kim said...

Can someone stop the secret plans and just let me in on the deal?


Hahaha, someone get me in the hizouse!

At 9:00 PM, January 08, 2007, Anonymous gise said...

but there's no secret, at least it's nothing you don't know about.XP


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