Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Almost Suicidal...

Wanna know why the title is so?
Let me give you a few reasons.
Then maybe you'll feel the same way.

You know that thing I said about not passing Ateneo?
I was wrong.
Well, sort of.
I'm waitlisted.
I think its more embarrasing.
What the hell are they trying to say?
I'm almost their type?
It's like one of my damn wishes in the wish list.
I was going to meet John Cena for the RAW tour,
but I think it won't happen anymore...
This sucks.
Damn them!!!
Damn them all!!!
Oh well...

Here's another one:
I haven't slept decently since Thursday night because of projects.
I've been studying until my eyes are beyond recognition.
I've spent my whole Monday on our friggin' investi.
I feel like my brain is going to explode.
I went to Kim's house to try and finish it.
I had to smell burning gas, get burnt, and still it isn't finished.
I also had to finish the PROSEC project that same night.
I asked to be fetcxhed around 11 pm.
I was so tired.
I didn't need anyone scolding me.
But my parents did.
Damn, they were on a roll!
They were going on and on about my studies and everything else that concerns me.
And my mom told me to sleep while inside the car!
And the song was timing too.
It was Nobela by Join the Club.
"Ngumiti kahit na napipilitan,
kahit na sinasadya
Mo akong masaktan..."
I had to hold back the tears.
My father even had the nerve that I was only socializing there.
How can he say that?!?!?!
I'm his friggin' daughter for crying out loud!!!

I was literally on the verge of breaking down,
but my angel of a brother saved the day.
He had no classes that day, so he was already awake watching TV.
I lost all the drive to live.
Before, I had cheerful goodbyes.
But now, I just said "aalis na ako."
Then, my brother ran after me and hugged me.
"Ingat ka ate." Then he kissed me...


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