Saturday, January 07, 2006

Wishful thinking...

Last year, Kim, Gise, Lauchu, Jami and I made a wish list. It including small things... mine was a notebook, eraser, mechanical pencil correction tape, sticky tac and a 24 set of colored pencils... guess what? It came true! Hey... those were the cheapest gifts anyone can buy, and if they didn't buy it for me... that's just lame... so anyway, our dear PROSEC teacher, MRS. ZETA, gave us this project. We had to write down 101 wishes and start a goal book. I figure... why not? I just might have all those wishes come true! So to anyone who reads this who can help... comment on it...

My 101 wishes

-Meet John Cena!
-a mini cooper
-go to France
-UK, Great Britain
-have a 2nd floor in our house- more room!
-have a company with Kim and Steph
-have a laptop
-a Cadillac
-my own house
-Php 100,000 in my account
-a new phone
-cooking lessons with Jamie Oliver
-a Ferrari 360 Spyder
-an entertainment system
-shopping spree with my mom in Rodeo Drive!
-an Egyptian Mau
-a ferret
-St. Bernard
-be famous!
-no more HAM!
-time off every month
-learn belly dancing and dirty dancing
-lose weight and get fit
-more attention from friends and family
-go to Rome and meet the Pope
-meet the cast of Harry Potter
-go to and IL DIVO concert
-go to a RAW and SMACKDOWN show
-own and play a saxophone
-be a black belter in Karate
-have my own library
-be a part of Repertory Philippines
-learn to drive
-more SAGAD time
-San Beda
-be closer to my dad
-my guy friends to treat my like a girl
-no line of 8 in the 4th quarter
-be an actress
-be an ambassador ( can be of goodwill)
-be an accountant (or just to experience it)
-have my own room
-have a wall of mirrors
-own bathroom
-own PC, TV, sound system
-canopy bed
-luxury clothing
-meet all the WWE stars!
-have a date with John Cena
-pimped up car!
-a gun
-a John Cena album
-be a part of the Chain Gang!
-a clean and organized place
-meet Eminem
-go to an Eminem concert
-go to a Josh Groban concert
-meet Michael Bublé
-have a Reneé Olstead cd
-be a better person
-money for my brothers’ college tuition
-a job while I’m studying
-go to Boracay
-go back to Puerto Galera
-learn how to surf in Australia!
-have a night out with my mom
-treat my parents to a vacation
-be happier
-give my family a luxurious life
-stop being depressed
-meet Gwen Stefani
-go to a Gwen Stefani concert
-go to Harajuku avenue
-clean up my life… and my place
-prioritize things
-my parents to allow to have a boyfriend (but I don’t have anyone in mind… just the thought that they agree is fine…)
-a night out with JOIN THE CLUB! (i just wanna know them... really!)
-be able to watch TV during weekdays
-be able to have grace under pressure
-anger management
-new aircon
-LCD screen
-an Eddie Guerrero DVD
-to be able to go to Eddie Guerrero’s grave
-a dozen red roses
-a BIG box of Belgian chocolates
-Parker pen with my name engraved
-go to Nickelodeon studios
-go to Hollywood
-spend a weekend in Las Vegas
-spend a week with my family and friends in the 7-star hotel in Dubai (separately of course)
-own a super yacht!
-go to Jerusalem
-world tour with my family
-have my own website, and people actually viewing it
-have my own TV show, or be a guest in a TV show (on primetime of course!)
-my mom wouldn’t have to take as much medicine… it hurts seeing her popping 8 pills a time every meal… I just hope she gets better…
-make my life easier for my family…
-all my wishes to come true!

Now where is my fairy godmother?


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