Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I don't know if anyone else has this thing of being all sad and crappy before something... well I have it, and it happened in the weirdest time-place set...

Yesterday was the last day of vacation, and I thought I was going to finish my CL project. Then, I had this really bad case of depression. It was wave after wave of sadness covering me... and I didn't even get it! I wasn't happy or sad, but I was bawling the whole time I was inside our room! It was so freaky! I know that there were a lot of bad things that happened in my life lately, but those things don't really make me cry my eyes out... but anyway, I made a list of what could've been the reasons why I was so depressed...

Eddie Guerrero died- I don't think I'm over that fact because I cried when I heard his voice in my brother's PS2

I broke up with *****- I don't really think this counts, but most women are like that, so don't ask...

I don't think I can go to the RAW live tour- one name: JOHN CENA!!!

My dad almost threw me out of the house on January 1 for a little mistake- I just feel so mistreated in this friggin' house!

My mom tells me I'm being disrespectful- but if me andmy bros have a "po and opo meter", I would've had the most!

almost all my crap is missing- there is really a klepto inside this friggin' house!

It's the last day of vacation- obvious.

my close friend got to spend more time with my crush than I did- why do we always have to go to the province during Christmas?!?!?!

My friend is getting all that I want!!!- jealousy... okay... breathe... let all the bad energy out... hum... hum...

my life is not going as planned- damn, I thnk everyone has that problem, but I think my life is like a train derailed, swerved and tumbled through the dessert, fell off a cliff, burned beyond recognition, and it was brought back to the track for it to happen again...

Damn, I think I need Dr. Phil or Oprah... can someone please get me out of this depressioncase, because I eat when I'm depressed... HELP ME!!!


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